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Uptrader provides straightforward, proven decision making frameworks that helps you make effective decisions to solve
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16 September 2014

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This is a decision making frameworks that helps take effective decisions.

Uptrader 1.0 is decision making software that provides straightforward, proven decision making frameworks that will help you make effective decisions to solve organizational problems. In organizations across the world, success of a business depends on taking effective decision regarding changing situations in the business environment. Thus, decision making is an essential skill for decision makers/managers in the set up. This capability is important for you to meet your responsibilities and achieve your professional goals effectively. The decisions to be taken usually are complex and there is no one correct decision. Usually these decisions will need to provide answer to complex questions like which job candidate to hire, where to locate a business, what strategy to implement and what investments are to be made. Usually there are high stakes for and against a decision to be made, can have serious consequences, and high risks.

These tough choices have high stakes, serious consequences, and can put you at risk of experiencing anxiety, confusion, doubt, error, regret, and loss. Often people depend on just experience. But, experience does not necessarily produce good decision. What does is taking decisions through a well-established process. Decision situations vary widely. Thus, you may not find an exact situation when the decision taken earlier could be safely replicated. To increase the probability of a good decision is to follow these processes properly. There are three modules that can let you arrive at good decisions. An intelligence analysis tool provides you a structured methodology for braking down a situation into appropriate hypotheses, arguments and assessments. A consequence analysis tool and a leadership tool is also available. This is a very good tool.

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Uptrader provides straightforward, proven decision making frameworks that helps you make effective decisions to solve organizational problems by giving you 3 modules:
Module #1: The analysis tool provides a structured process for breaking a situation down into a set of hypotheses, arguments, and judgements that will help you gain a better understanding of either why it happened or what will happen in the future.
Module #2: The consequence tool provides you with a straightforward, proven approach for making decisions, based on the Smart Choices and Even Swaps methodologies found in the bestselling book, Smart Choices.
Module #3: The leadership tool uses situational variables - such as the nature of the work being performed, the external environment, follower's characteristics - to help you predict which leadership style will result in the achievement of your organizational objectives.
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